Here are some of the amazing reviews we have received from our listeners:

Katina Joy/ 25th July 2017/ Facebook: Amazingly addictive. You’ll be counting down the days till the next episode!!

Joy 987/ 24th July 2017/ iTunes: Spent the last five hours listening to back to back episodes. I’m hooked. The way you thoroughly researched each topic with respect to victims and survivors is amazing. It’s like listening to my best friends chat over a pot of tea! Only problem is wanting more episodes. Keep up the amazing work!

Sarbear1991/24th July 2017/iTunes Canada: Very well researched and I love the chatting between the ladies. Also love their accents. Keep up the good work ladies. Sarah.

Cookie121955/22nd July 2017/ iTunes USA: They do a great job on researching every story. Its now one of my favouites.

Nate Higgins/ 13th July 2017/ Facebook: Awesome up and coming podcast love the host and can’t wait to hear more. Highly recommend for crime lovers.

Dispatchgal/ 9th July 2017/ iTunes USA: Thanks guys for doing a great podcast, the length is perfect, always anxiously awaiting the next episode!!

Jonesy52/ July 9th  2017/ iTunes: Gripping and well researched. A great Australian true crime podcast, sensitively and engagingly narrated by two sisters.

KRBFTW/8th July 2017/iTunes: Really enjoying this new podcast that recounts the cases that have hit the news channels across Australia. Great research. Keep up the momentum.

Jennifer Boyden/ 7th July/ Facebook: I like the hosts. The subjects seem well researched, and interesting.

Hellion-41/27th June/ iTunes: A fantastic tastefully executed podcast about very touchy and tricky subject matter. The girls conduct themselves perfectly and handle the sensitivity of the cases with total class. The side notes and information make this not only informative when discussing cases in the past tense but could also possibly help people in the present. Well done ladies.

Zimbellina13/ 27th June 2017/ iTunes AU: Well researched and interesting look at Australian crime. Love it!

Starachie/26th June 2017/ iTunes: Very well presented podcast. Cases have been very interesting (and terrifying at times). I like how the presenters discuss the facts as well as their opinions. This is great! I want more. Thanks!

JGoodluck/26th June 2017/iTunes USA: An impressive show that features true stores of crime (and criminals) that are not widely known. The sister hosts have excellent chemistry, and speak clearly and plainly. Definitely keeps your interest. Be sure to give it a listen, if you haven’t already.

JenHouTex/25th June 2017/iTunes USA: This is fast becoming one of my favourite podcasts. The sisters cover some lesser known cases with ease, detail and wonderful storytelling. Give this a listen.

Jennifer Edmonson Swieter/ 25th June, 2017/ Facebook: This is fast becoming one of my favourite TC podcasts. The hosts do such a great job bringing listeners the facts but adding their own spin and sisterly banter that I love!!

Raymunji/22nd June 2017/iTunes: These two young ladies seem to be well researched and provide a good amount of information on each case they cover, interjecting occasionally with their own thought. You can tell by the third episode that they are starting to find their own groove. Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening to future shows.