The Murder of Karen Ristevski

On the 29th of June 2016 mother of one, Karen Ristevski was reported missing after a fight with her husband Borce.

According to him, she had left to cool off after the couple had argued about the financial status of their clothing boutique business.

This week we discuss the circumstances surrounding Karen’s disappearance and murder, as well as the investigation that led to the arrest of a suspect.

We will endeavour to update you on this story as the case develops at trial.

Thank you for listening and please, stay safe…

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We’re Back… 

Hi guys,

We’re back after taking September off to regroup.

The first case we will be tackling is the case of a beautiful little girl, Kiesha Weippeart.

Kiesha had an extremely difficult, short life but despite this was remembered by many as a happy, positive child.

Her story kept Australia on the edge of its seat in 2010 and we were shocked by the prevalence of intergenerational family violence that exists within our country…

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Harry and Bill 

Thank You for an amazing first season!

Hi guys,

I just wanted to write a quick blog post to thank all our amazing supporters for the most fabulous first season we could have asked for.

We covered some devastating but interesting cases, and our thoughts go out to all of the victims and their families in the cases we touched on.

We are now on break and will be back in action in October with our first weekly episode to be released on the 1st of October, and our October Patreon Episode to be released on the 5th.

Big shout out to our Patreon supporters, what an honour to have people supporting what we’re doing, it means so much to us!

We were lucky enough to also receive a shout out from the “My Favourite Murder” girls, at their Saturday night show here in Melbourne, so hello and welcome to anyone who heard about us there. It was a life highlight for both of us that such amazing women would even have a clue we exist, let alone mention us.

Again, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us, given us feedback (positive or negative) and given us a chance.

See you in October for new episodes…

Harry and Bill x

Unsolved Australia Minisode #2 – Bung Siriboon

On June the 2nd 2011, 13 year old Bung left her home in Elsie st, Boronia at 8:20am, to head to her high school Boronia Heights College. She never arrived. There were sightings of Bung, although to this day none have been confirmed. To this day we still do not know what happened to Bung. For more information about this case tune into our Unsolved Australia Minisode #2 at:

If you have any information that may assist police in Bung’s case please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000


Little update…

Hi friends,

I have to apologise for neglecting our website, I have been so busy researching, recording, editing and social media networking that I haven’t had a chance to keep this webpage updated. I do endeavour to make more of an effort.

You may have noticed a small change on our home page in the form of a PayPal donations button – this is just a small way our listeners can support our podcast and assist us to keep our content and production equipment at a high standard.

Thank you so much to all our loyal and lovely listeners…

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We are now on iTunes…

Hi guys!

The True Crime Sisters podcast is now available to listen and subscribe to on iTunes! Yippee!!

The first three episodes of season 1 are available to listen to now:

1) Paul Denyer- The Frankston Serial Killer

2) The Claremont Serial Killer

3) Mr. Cruel

We will be releasing new episodes every Monday…


The True Crime Sisters 

Ep 1, 2 and 3 Released!

Hi guys,

So we have decided to release our first three episodes one day early. We have submitted to iTunes for review but our episodes are currently available on Blubrry.

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